My Autobiography

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My name is Alexandra maldonado Sanchez,

I was Born in Espinal in 1996 and I'm seventeen years old

I live in the neighborhood magdalena

my direction is a block C,house number 20

And my father is JORGE MALDONADO SANCHEZ and It is mechanical,

My Mother are BELLANIR SANCHEZ BOGOTA and she is a beatifull housewife

I have four sister My major is viviana Maldonado Sanchez the following is Andrea Maldonado,

Yennifer Maldonado and the minor is Leidy Maldonado Sanchez

my pet was a dog a labrador coffee

I like eat lasag˝a, i like the pizza, i like the hamburger, and I like the salads,

I am very pacient and cheerful character,

I have a strong

am a bit responsible, in occasions I am affectionate

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i like study in the university of the tolima

i study and to be the best chef

I don't practice any sport but I like basketball and the soccer ,

, I support the selection Colombia is my team favorite.

I have scared of snakes from very small

my family is my mother my sister lady, my other sister yennifer and my two sister most

my friends are very cherfful and pretty

this is travel in the university of the tolima

under the water in the naranjos naranjos